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Buyer: Those who purchase one or more products on this webshop.

Order: The act whereby the Buyer indicates via the internet that he or she purchases one or more articles at Robsport.

Products: All products which are listed on which are available to order. 

Agreement: The agreement which is made electronically between Robsport and the Buyer.

Offer: Any written or electronic description of a Robsport product with the associated price.
Delivery: Any written or electronic description of a Robsport

Article 1: Applicability

1.1 The general terms & conditions of delivery (hereinafter: the conditions) apply to all agreements between the Robsport webshop (hereinafter referred to as Robsport) and the Buyer. Any purchase conditions of the Buyer do not apply.

1.2 Robsport is entitled to unilaterally change the conditions without prior notice.

1.3 Deviations from the terms & conditions are only valid if; recorded in writing and signed by Robsport. In such cases, the other provisions remain in full force.

1.4 By using the Robsport website and/or placing an order, the Buyer accepts these General Terms & Conditions of Delivery as well as all other rights and obligations as they may be stated on our internet site.

Article 2: Establishment of the agreement.

2.1 An agreement is concluded the moment an order is sent electronically by the Buyer via the Robsport website. Robsport's electronic files serve as proof of the conclusion of the agreement.

2.2 Robsport has the right to dissolve the agreement if an article is unexpectedly out of stock.

Article 3: Offers.

3.1 Any offer of whatever nature and by whatever means is without obligation. Robsport is not liable for printing, writing, counting errors and ambiguities, nor for the consequences thereof.

3.2 All offers from Robsport are without obligation. Offers are made subject to the availability of the products.

Article 4: Prices.

4.1 All prices are in Euros, including VAT and excluding shipping costs, unless stated otherwise or agreed in writing.

4.2 Robsport is entitled to adjust prices. If a price adjustment takes place after the agreement has been concluded and before delivery has taken place, the prices that were published at the time of order will apply.

4.3 Special offers are only valid during the specified period as stated on the website or in the Robsport store.

Article 5: Payment.

5.1 For orders via the internet site, payment is made using one of our paymentmethods in our checkout or prepayment. Payments must at all times be approved by our paymentprovider before Robsport proceeds to deliver.

5.2 In the case of prepayment, the order will be delivered as soon as the payment has been processed.

5.3 All (extra) judicial costs of any nature whatsoever, which Robsport has to incur as a result of the failure by the Buyer to fulfill its (payment) obligations, will also be charged to the Buyer.

5.4 In the event of late payment, Robsport is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend (further) delivery until the moment at which the Buyer has fully complied with the payment obligation, including the payment of the statutory interest and costs.

Article 6: Delivery / Delivery time.

6.1 Robsport strives to deliver the ordered items within 48 hours after receipt/approval of the payment. These stated delivery times are an indication and not a deadline and do not include customized orders.

6.2 Robsport is never liable for damages as a result of exceeding delivery times. If an item that is temporarily out of stock is ordered by the Buyer, it will be indicated when the product is available again. Delays will be reported to the Buyer by email or telephone.

6.3 Robsport ensures delivery by Postnl and DHL. This makes the orders traceable. A trackingnumber will be sent to you via email.

6.4 Robsport is entitled to make partial deliveries. The additional costs for these are borne by Robsport.

6.5 The shipping costs are € 3.95 for shipments within the Netherlands up to an amount of € 75.00 per order. Above the amount of € 75.00, no shipping costs will be charged. Below € 25.00 an additional € 1.00 will be charged. For international shipments and within the EU, the exact shipping costs will be shown and charged at checkout.

Article 7: Exchange and right of withdrawal.

7.1 The buyer has the right to cancel the agreement within 30 working days after the delivery of the product. The buyer will notify Robsport of this cancellation in writing or by e-mail (see below). The Buyer can also announce his use of the right of withdrawal in one of the Robsport stores. (see below).

7.2 Return goods can be returned by post or offered in the Robsport store after consultation and with the consent of

If the return goods are sent by post, Robsport will notify the Buyer within 2 working days of receipt in the following cases that the return shipment is not accepted:

a. If the products are no longer in the same sales condition when they are returned as they were when they were delivered;

b. If products are damaged by the Buyer;

c. If the Buyer has tried to repair an article himself;

d. If the attachments to the goods are missing.

In these cases, the obligation of Robsport to accept the return shipment expires and the Buyer continues to owe the full purchase price and the shipping costs. The provisions of this article also apply to return offers in the Robsport stores.

7.3 If the Buyer has made use of the right of withdrawal as stated in paragraph 1, and if the return goods have been approved by Robsport by paragraph 2, Robsport will arrange for a refund within 14 days after receipt of the return shipment of the amount paid by the Customer to Robsport, minus the shipping costs incurred and if paid with Paypal 3.5% commission costs. If the order is returned, the shipping costs are at the expense of the Buyer and, if these costs are charged to Robsport, can be deducted by Robsport from the credit note.

7.4 If indicated by Robsport, the shipment will be sent by the Buyer insured at his expense.

7 .5 Free returns or returns without registration will NEVER be accepted.

7.6 Incorrect returns will be returned to the customer with a deduction of € 6.50 shipping costs.

7.7 Any loss of a return shipment is entirely the responsibility of the Buyer.

7.8 In the case of an exchange, Robsport will pay the shipping costs of the replacement item once.

7.9 Articles with discounts higher than 30% cannot be exchanged or taken back.


Article 8: Force majeure

8.1 Force majeure is understood to mean any impossibility as well as any shortcoming that cannot be attributed to Robsport, because it is not due to its fault and is not for its account by law, legal act, or generally accepted opinion, regardless of the foreseeability and time of the force majeure.

Force majeure also includes in any case: strikes, fire, business disruptions, power failures, non-delivery or late delivery by suppliers or other third parties, and the absence of any permit to be obtained from the government. Force majeure also includes failures in a (telecommunications) network or connection or communication systems used and/or the unavailability of the internet site at any time.

8.2 In the case of force majeure, Robsport is not obliged to fulfill its obligations towards the Buyer, or the obligation is suspended for the duration of the force majeure.


Article 9: Stock

The stock of the webshop is updated in real-time. In the unlikely event that the item ordered by the Buyer is no longer in stock, the Buyer will be informed by Robsport as soon as possible. The Buyer has the right to cancel the order free of charge. Robsport will refund the amount to the account of the Buyer within 10 days (or earlier).


Article 10: Liability

10.1 The buyer is liable to check on delivery whether the delivered product is defective. The buyer must inform Robsport within 2 working days of any defects upon delivery.

The guarantee as described in article 12 (Guarantee) of these terms and conditions applies to defects in delivered products.

10.2 Robsport can only be held liable for direct damage due to intent or gross negligence. Liability of Robsport for any form of indirect damage is excluded.

10.3 Also excluded is Robsport's liability for damage due to delay, damage due to loss of data, damage due to exceeding delivery terms, insofar as not in conflict with any mandatory legal provision.


Article 11: Privacy

The personal data is included in the Robsport customer database. Robsport does not provide this information to third parties but will only use it for its own purposes. If Robsport uses dropshipping methods via its supplier, this data will be entered once to address and deleted immediately after sending the order via the supplier of Robsport.


Article 12: Warranty

12.1 Robsport guarantees that the products it sells are free from design, material, and manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year after delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

12.2 For products that are delivered with a manufacturer's warranty, the Buyer can also address complaints directly to the manufacturer or importer. If requested, Robsport can mediate.

12.3 Maintenance, change or repair of products delivered by Robsport, which have not been carried out by Robsport, use other than prescribed or otherwise accepted in society, as well as defects due to external causes, which cannot be attributed to Robsport. any warranty will lapse.

12.4 The warranty is excluded:

regular maintenance or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;

b. damage as a result of inadequate maintenance;

c. repair or attempted repair of the product by anyone other than Robsport;

d. damage as a result of accidents;

e. damage related to misuse, negligence, or commercial exploitation.

12.5 Robsport is not obliged to make any repairs if and as long as the buyer remains in default concerning any performance towards Robsport.

12.6 All replaced parts become the property of Robsport.                                                            

12.7 If the above guarantee applies and the product shows a defect, Robsport is obliged to repair the product within 1 month after you have reported the defect to it.



12.8 All defective products must be presented to Robsport for repair.

12.9 The buyer can only demand replacement of the product or dissolution of the purchase agreement if:

- Robsport has twice attempted to repair the same defect, these attempts have been fruitless and the defect is sufficiently serious to justify replacement or dissolution, or

- if the Buyer demonstrates that the product has or has shown so many defects that it does not comply with the agreement and that these defects justify replacement or dissolution.

12.10 The buyer must demonstrate that the product has a defect within the warranty period to which this warranty applies. The warranty is void if the type or the serial number of a product has been removed or changed.


Article 13: Applicable law

13.1 All legal relationships between Robsport and the Buyer are governed by Dutch law.

13.2 All disputes that may arise as a result of these terms and conditions or any agreement will be settled following the Regulations of the Dutch Arbitration Institute or, if Robsport so chooses, the competent court of the place of residence or business of Robsport or the Buyer. The Dutch text of these General Terms and Conditions of Delivery prevails over any translations thereof. For all your questions or comments, please contact our customer service by  e-mail:



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