What does sustainability within entail?

As swimming expert, we try to contribute as much as possible to the future of the circular economy. For this purpose, we are constantly developing more sustainable ways of working in order to minimise our impact on the environment. We have developed the exclusive Repair Service, offer refurbished racing suits and are incorporating more and more sustainable chlorine-resistant materials into our collections. 

Repair Service

Racing suits are a very sensitive product when it comes to duration. The average lifespan of a racing suit is around 6 months to one year (depending on care). In order to prolong the life of racing suits and to minimize the afterlife waste, Robsport has developed the exclusive Repair Service. 

The Repair Service can repair all defects of your racing suit. This extends the lifespan of your racing suits and provides you with more chances to perform with your racing suit. 

Refurbished racing suits

In addition to repairing racing suits, we also offer refurbished racing suits. We have developed this refurbished process to extend the short life racing suits. 

Used racing suits are refurbished by the Repair Service so they can be reused at a reasonable price. 

Sustainable materials

Swimwear is made of a specific mix of polyethene materials. This makes it very difficult to make swimwear sustainable. Our suppliers have managed to develop more sustainable fabrics that also offer better performance than the previous materials. 

Speedo Eco Endurance + and Maxlife Eco have been developed from left-over material and PET bottles. The material offers a higher chlorine resistance compared to their previous Endurance material. 


The plastic packaging material that we receive from our suppliers is constantly being reused until it is all used up. In addition, we only use recycled cardboard for online orders and all our products cards are made from recyclable paper. In this way, we try to minimize our plastic waste. 

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