What does the the racing suit Repair Service by entail?

Racing suits are very tight fitted and it can unfortunately occur when putting on or taking off your racing suit that the fabric tears. It can also happen that the seams come loose due to corrosion from chlorine.

The Repair Service offers you the solution: all defects of your racing suit can be repaired according to the original procedure, so you can give your racing suit a good second life. 

- tears in the fabric
- loose corroided seams
- detached brand & fina logos
- gusset repair
- customising of racing suit for Paralympic swimmers 

Step-to-step ''repair plan''


Download and fill in the Repair form for your specific racing suit (kneeskin open or closed back, jammer or wetsuit). 

Only the indicated defects on the Repair form will be repaired so please indicated specifically the repair of your racing suit. 

Send your racing suit (in an envelope) to one of the following Repair centers:

Robsport Repair Service NL

Robsport Repair Service USA

Robsport Repair Service Canada

Allens of Kingsbury

United Kingdom

Natation Store





When the Repair services receives your repair, you will receive a confirmation with an invoice of the repair costs and payment link. You can confirm the order by paying via the link. 

After approval of your order, your suit will be returned within 14 working days or within 3 working days if you have chosen an urgent repair. 

Please note: an urgent repair is only possible for repairs that are sent directly to Robsport Repair Service NL. The extra costs for an urgent repair are €15,-.

Please note: the duration of shipping can vary for customers outside the EU, on average the shipping time is 10 to 21 days

USA & Canadian lead time

Please note: this lead time is only applicable for USA & Canadian repairs. 

-  Repairs are shipped to The Netherlands on the 15th of every month. 

-  Before the 20th you will receive an order confirmation with an invoice. 

-  After approval and payment, your repair is returned within 7 days with DHL express service. 

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